The INZB programme is supported by a number of groups that provide governance functions, industry perspectives and technical review.

Programme Governance Group (PGG)

The committee, referred to as the PGG, provide executive support and exercise decision making relevant to the management of the INZB Programme. It consists of an Independent Chair, two MPI appointees and two B+LNZ appointees.

Group members:

Industry Advisory Group (IAG)

The IAG is a group of New Zealand farmers, breeders and industry representatives who are responsible for providing objective feedback and guidance on activities in the programme. They contribute to technical discussions and provide farmer insight and perspectives to ensure the efficient and relevant delivery of the programme.

Group members:

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

The TAG are a group of scientists and researchers who provide objective feedback and guidance on science-related activities in the programme. They contribute to discussions and gather information on sector needs and opportunities relating to the programme. This can involve identifying international research that will provide the operational team with insights and perspectives.

Group Members: