A progeny test compares the performance of sires through their offspring. We do this by using sires over many cows and ewes, across many farms, then measure the performance of their calves and lambs. By using key linking sires across a range of farms and environments, we can benchmark bulls and rams for any farm in New Zealand.

B+LNZ Genetics oversees three different progeny tests. The Sheep Progeny Test is a long-standing and critical component of New Zealand’s sheep genetics system. The Beef Progeny Test was launched in 2014 and is generating valuable commercial insights for farmers, while the Dairy-Beef Progeny Test is the most recent project. It is looking at how more beef genetics can be used in the dairy industry, to benefit both the dairy and beef farmers.

Sheep Progeny Test There are now seven properties involved in the Sheep Progeny Test. Take a closer look at each operation and specific projects underway. View Beef Progeny Test The Beef Progeny Test compares a mix of New Zealand and international bulls under large-scale commercial farming conditions. The key finding? EBVs work. View Dairy-Beef Progeny Test This test explores how to promote the use of beef genetics in the dairy industry – to benefit both the dairy and beef sectors. View