B+LNZ Genetics Sheep Progeny Test involves multiple industry sires, across two sites.  The benchmarks created by this test underpin NZGE – the large-scale across-flock and breed evaluation.

Test’s relevance to commercial farmers

The Sheep Progeny Test ensures rams’ breeding values are as valuable and accurate as possible.
When rams are purchased as two-tooths, there is generally no information on their progeny, even if they were used as hoggets. We can only draw on the ram’s own performance and the performance of his family. But, by benchmarking the performance of the ram’s family members against other rams – via a progeny test – we vastly improve the accuracy of predictions around how he will perform.

Sheep Progeny Test sites

There are two types of sites:
1) Hub sites focus on flock connectedness that underpins across-industry genetic evaluation. Hub flocks also provide connectedness between Next Generation flocks,  a resource for genetics research as well as add-on innovative projects.
2) Next Generation sites build stronger connections with ram breeding flocks in the industry. Each Next Generation site focuses on either a breed type or specialist challenge relevant to the land type and geographical location.