Quick-fire Roadshows

Wednesday 25th January 2017

Quick-fire Roadshows

B+LNZ Genetics is holding a series of meetings around the country for stud sheep breeders and users of SIL. We will be covering the main innovations, changes and technologies coming through in 2017 that may benefit your breeding program. As the name suggests, the pace of the afternoon should ensure everyone has a chance to discuss what’s on their mind. Chris Kelly our Chairman will be at the roadshows to hear feedback.
Timings at all venues will be:

The intention is to cover 10 key topics in 15-minute blocks – via a quick outline, then a Q&A – then finish with a discussion on topics important to those attending. The topics are:
  1. Vision for the evaluation
  2. The NZGE - merging of evaluations and genomics
  3. The significance of re-ranking
  4. Connectedness and connectedness reporting
  5. Leader Lists, their criteria and frequency
  6. Restricted traits and "blanking"
  7. Information tools for selection or marketing of rams
  8. Performance ram sales
  9. Relative economic weightings
  10. A 'sticky-note' workshop - Sheep Forum 2017

Please RSVP with your preferred venue location at least 5 days prior to the event.
Email info@blnzgenetics.com, or Phone 03 477 6632
We will be running a teleconference option for anyone unable to attend the roadshow in their area.
The date and time of the teleconference is currently being confirmed.  At this stage, we are looking to organise it the week after the final roadshow in Masterton. Details will be posted here once confirmed. 
You will need to register for the teleconference to join. Please Register here