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SIL is a tool for both ram breeders and ram buyers. SIL is part of Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics, funded partly from sheepmeat levies and partly from fees charged to breeders.

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SIL Industry Technical Advisory Group (SIL-ITAG)

SIL-ITAG was formed to help guide development of the SIL performance recording and genetic evaluation system. The group meet 1-2 times per year to provide feedback to B+LNZ Genetics on its programme of services and developments related to SIL, and to provide industry with a route to table ideas or issues relating to SIL with B+LNZ Genetics. 

SIL-ITAG members

Richard Lee (Chairman)
Sharon McIntyre (SIL Senior Advisor)

North Island representatives:
Will Jackson, Matt Holden, Rob Forsythe, Barbara Beckett, Cameron Heggie and Brent Campbell

South Island representatives:
Robert Peacock, Andrew Tripp, Hamish Bielski, Hamish Craw, Julia Aspinall, Graham Sidey and Annabel Tripp

B+LNZ Genetics and SIL advisory team:
Graham Alder, Eleanor Linscott, Max Tweedie and Annie O’Connell

If you have any topics that you would like to put forward for discussion at SIL-ITAG meetings, please email these through to: