Opportunities for Farmers

Next Generation Herds
Involvement as a Next Generation herd will appeal to farmers with a passion for genetics, who wish to:

Work with their bull breeders to make more rapid genetic progress.

Some key requirements:

If you’re interested in being involved as a Next Generation herd, please email info@blnzgenetics.com or phone 0800 745 435

Opportunities For Breeders

Progeny test sires
The Beef Progeny Test component of the INZB programme is run at Pāmu’s Kepler farm, Te Anau and is open to Angus and Hereford sires. This programme is fundamental to a multi-breed evaluation by providing both linkage between breeds and New Zealand-collected data to be able to accurately estimate hybrid vigour.

Angus and Hereford rising-two and re-breeding rising-three-year-old heifers are Artificially Inseminated in December. All bulls will be used across both breeds of heifers.

A call for bull nominations is made between June – August each year. 

View Nomination information
Across-breed Beef Progeny Test – List of Sires (Cohort 2, 2021 Mating)
Across-breed Beef Progeny Test – List of Sires (Cohort 1, 2020 Mating)

Next Generation herds
Interest will be sought for Next Generation herds. Breeders may see this as an opportunity to work closely with a small number of key clients in a breeding alliance. Breeders providing bulls to these herds (under commercial arrangements) would receive feedback on bull performance, including carcase and maternal performance, and enhanced genomic accuracy.

nProve for Beef
Once the evaluation is operational, breeders will be able to record data on B+LNZ Genetics’ nProve database. Breeders will own their data, and B+LNZ Genetics will create and facilitate pipelines to other databases and evaluations, as and where needed.

Participation in New Zealand across-breed evaluation.
As part of this evaluation, breeders will be able to benchmark their bulls across breeds used in the commercial New Zealand industry. Any New Zealand Indexes or new traits developed will provide more NZ-centric information on their animals.

New innovations
Breeders with an interest in specific new traits will be able to collaborate in trait development programmes.



If you’re interested in being involved in the INZB programme, please email info@blnzgenetics.com or phone 0800 745 435