Beef Progeny Test: Call for bull nominations

Friday 5th July 2024

Beef Progeny Test: Call for bull nominations

B+LNZ Genetics are excited to call for bull nominations for the 2024-mating of the B+LNZ Genetics Beef Progeny Test at Pāmu’s Kepler farm near Te Anau and Lochinver Station near Taupo. 

Building on the current Beef Progeny Test, this Progeny Test will be fundamental to a multi-breed evaluation by providing both linkage between breeds and the collection of New Zealand data to be able to accurately estimate hybrid vigour. 

Nominations are open to Angus, Hereford and Simmental bulls. 

Angus and Hereford cattle will be Artificially Inseminated in December 2024 (Kepler) and January 2025 (Lochinver). Angus and Hereford bulls will be used across both breeds of cows. Simmental bulls will be used across Angus cows at the Lochinver site. 

Birth weights will not be collected, but first-calving heifers will be recorded for calving ease. Steer progeny will be finished, and carcase grading information collected.  

Both pure-bred and first-cross heifer progeny will be retained (as commercially viable) and evaluated under natural service for at least their first two matings. Trait measurements collected will be similar to the previous Beef Progeny Test programme.  

Entry cost 

There will be no entry cost for the duration of this Progeny Test. 

Semen collection logistics and cost to be covered by the breeder. 

Selection Criteria 

Important information 

How to submit a bull 

All nominations will be managed online. Please submit your bull information using the link below. Nominations must be received by Friday 23 August. 

Step 1: Click the link below to open the form 

Step 2: Fill out bull nomination details 

Step 3: Click Submit 

Step 4: Check your inbox for a confirmation email.