B+LNZ Genetics 2018 Beef Breeder Forum - “2028: What’s for dinner?”

Tuesday 31st July 2018

B+LNZ Genetics 2018 Beef Breeder Forum - “2028: What’s for dinner?”


Each year for the past three years, B+LNZ Genetics has hosted a Beef Breeder Forum alongside Beef Expo in Feilding. This year, we want to expand the number of people who can “attend” the forum. So, we’re hosting a virtual conference from over the evenings of 29 and 30 August 2018.

What is a “virtual conference”?

It’s an “event” that you log into, online – i.e. without leaving your office or home. You watch speakers via a livestream or pre-recorded video (pre-recorded, in our case). During sessions, you can ask questions using on-line chat and good old-fashions text.

Forum programme: “2028: What’s for dinner?”

Wednesday 29 August

  • 7pm Welcome – Graham Alder, B+LNZ Genetics General Manager
  • 7.05pm Crossbred bulls: Are they the future? – Bill Cornell, James Smallwood and Fletch Kelly, ABS Global
  • 8pm Genomics is here: Get with the programme? – Bull breeders Bryan Bendall & Jono Reed
  • 8.30pm So what will be for dinner in 2028? – Melissa Sowden, Silver Fern Farms

Thursday 30 August

  • 7pm Beef Progeny Test: A frank conversation with the men at the coalface –Beef Progeny Test managers' panel
  • 8pm Ireland's beef genomics programme: A most un-Muldoon approach – Andrew Cromie, Irish Cattle Breeders Federation

There are also another 12 on-demand presentations, which will all be available to view from 6.30pm on Wednesday 29 August. 

How to register – four easy steps

  1. Go to www.whatsfordinner2028.co.nz and click the "Register" tab in the top right of the web page. Simply fill in your name, email and nominate a password of your choice.
  2. You then receive a confirmation email that includes the conference link.
  3. Use this link to log in on the night - you'll need your password, so keep it handy.
  4. Settle in with a cup of tea and watch via your computer or tablet.

 Visit www.whatsfordinner2028.co.nz for more details, including presentation summaries and speaker bios.