Beef Progeny Test Outcomes

Curious about the impact of Body Condition Score on breeding success or how genetics influence it?   Wondering if genetics can enhance marbling without excessive external carcase fat?

The answers to these questions can be found in our Beef Progeny Test Outcomes series. As part of her PhD, B+LNZ Geneticist Franzi Weik, meticulously analysed data from the five commercial beef operations involved in the original B+LNZ Genetics Beef Progeny Test.

Spanning from 2014 to 2023, the Progeny Test compared bulls under New Zealand farming conditions. Steers and cull heifers were assessed on their carcase traits, while replacement heifers were tracked for their maternal characteristics. Utilizing a mix of internationally-sourced and New Zealand semen, the Beef Progeny Test aimed to uncover vital insights for the industry.

Franzi's in-depth analysis has culminated in a series of insights tailored for stud breeders and farmers.

INZB Video Podcast Series

Members of the B+LNZ Genetics team saw first-hand the cutting edge of research and development in the North American beef industry on a study tour for the INZB programme in July 2023.  Since their return to New Zealand, they have been sharing the insights and inspiration gained on the trip with farmers and the wider industry. 

To continue this knowledge exchange, they have produced a series of video interviews featuring some of the experts they met during their travels. 

AI-Powered monitoring with BETSY
Mokah Shmigelsky, CEO of OneCup AI, shares insights on their groundbreaking AI-powered facial recognition technology, known as BETSY (Bovine Expert Tracking & Surveillance). It is capable of identifying, tracking, and monitoring cattle with close to 100% accuracy.

Insights from ST Genetics: sex-sorted semen and the growing trend of "Beef on Dairy''
STGenetics are global leaders in livestock reproductive services, including sex-sorted semen, embryo production, and genomic testing. In this video interview, Jocelyn Johnson, a Research Scientist at ST Genetics’ Navasota headquarters in Texas, and Rudolph Linde, Senior Director for Sales & Operations with STGenetics New Zealand, discuss topics like the use of sex-sorted semen and the growing 'beef on dairy' trend.

Inside North America's Angus Genetics Inc (AGI) with Kelli Retallick
As the driving force behind Angus Genetics Inc (AGI) - a subsidiary of the American Angus Association - AGI's President Kelli Retallick, leads the charge in guiding the research and application of genetic tools for Angus breeders and those who utilise Angus genetics.


Other Podcasts

An introduction to the B+LNZ Informing New Zealand Beef programme: what you need to know
Dan Brier (B+LNZ's General Manager – Farming Excellence) and Gemma Jenkins (Genetics Programme Manager at B+LNZ Genetics) provide an overview of the programme’s five key projects and how it will benefit New Zealand’s beef industry.

How Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Informing New Zealand Beef programme will supercharge farmers’ genetic gains 
Anna Boyd (Beef Genetics Operations Specialist at B+LNZ Genetics) shares what they’re doing in that space and why it’s important.

What cattle traits are most important to New Zealand farmers?
Dr Jason Archer (B+LNZ Genetics Livestock Specialist) and Sam Harburg, consultant at AbacusBio, discuss the findings of a survey into what cattle traits were important to New Zealand’s beef farmers, and how the survey will inform the development of a genetic evaluation system for the industry.

Farmer and Breeder Resources

Information for Farmers (pdf)

Information for Breeders (pdf)

Beef Class Structural Assessment video

Better Beef Breeding - online learning module

Beef Breeder Webinar, May 2022

PODCAST: Better Beef Breeding: the Informing New Zealand Beef programme, June 2022

VIDEO: Beef Progeny Test Field Day 2023 (Pāmu's Kepler Farm, Te Anau)

VIDEO: Beef Breeder Forum - May 2023

INZB Programme Reports

INZB Q1 Report: Oct-Dec 2024 (pdf)

INZB Q4 Report: Jul-Sep 2023 (pdf)

INZB Q3 Report: Apr-Jun 2023 (pdf)

INZB Q2 Report: Jan-Mar 2023 (pdf)

INZB Q1 Report: Oct-Dec 2023 (pdf)

INZB Q4 Report: Jul-Sep 2022 (pdf)

INZB Q3 Report: Apr-Jun 2022 (pdf)

INZB Q2 Report: Jan-Mar 2022 (pdf)

INZB Q1 Report: Oct-Dec 2021 (pdf)

INZB Outcome Logic Model (pdf)

Cattle Trait Prioritisation Survey Results - Full Report (pdf)

Latest news

02 May 2022: Breeding beef webinar focuses on maternal performance

Last week’s Beef Breeder webinar highlighted the tools both stud and commercial beef breeders can use to drive genetic improvement and fertility.

04 May 2022: Bull assessment video aimed at commercial buyers

Bulls represent a significant investment, so selecting an animal that is functional is important to ensure a return on that investment.

29 April 2022: Informing New Zealand Beef extension activities in full swing

An online Beef Breeder forum was held at the beginning of May aimed at both stud and commercial beef breeders.