Beef Progeny Test: call for sire nominations

Friday 25th June 2021

Beef Progeny Test: call for sire nominations

 Invitation to submit bulls for the 2021 mating of the B+LNZ Genetics across-breed Beef Progeny Test.

B+LNZ Genetics are excited to call for sire nominations for the 2021 mating of the new B+LNZ Genetics Beef Progeny Test at Pāmu’s Kepler farm, Te Anau.

Building on the current Beef Progeny Test, this will be fundamental to a multi-breed evaluation by providing both linkage between breeds and New Zealand collected data to be able to accurately estimate hybrid vigour.

Angus and Hereford rising-two and re-breeding rising-three year old heifers will be Artificially Inseminated in December 2021. All Angus and Hereford bulls will be used across both breeds of heifers. Birth weights will not be collected, but first-calving heifers will be recorded for calving ease. Steer progeny will be finished, and carcase grading information collected. 

Both pure-bred and first-cross heifer progeny will be retained (as commercially viable) and evaluated under natural service for at least their first two matings. The trait measurements collected will be very similar to the previous Beef Progeny Test program. 

Open for nominations for Angus and Hereford sires only*

Entry cost

*Please note: If a North Island site is added for the 2021 mating, any Angus or Hereford bull successfullyselected for the Beef Progeny Test, will be used here. This site will also be open to nominations from Simmental.

How to submit a bull

All nominations will be managed online. Please submit your bull information using the link below. Nomination forms must be received by Friday 20 August.

Nomination outcome will be communicated by Friday 3 September and successful nominators provided with a Bull Owners Agreement for signing.

Successful nominators will be given 8 weeks to collect and deliver semen to their preferred Breeding Centre.

Important Information

Bulls must come from herds implementing industry best practice recording programmes and using genetic evaluation/EBVs.

Due to heifers mated as part of the programme, emphasis will be placed on Birth Weight and Calving Ease EBVs.

A small number of selection spots will be available for bulls that may be more ‘cow’ suitable.

Each bull selected will be used across at least 60 beef cows over two years. In most cases semen will be used across multiple years, to contribute to robust links across years. A minimum of 40 straws will be used in the first year a bull is submitted.

Selection of bulls will be made by a selection panel, comprised of B+LNZ Genetics staff, a Pāmurepresentative, bull breeder(s) with good knowledge of each breed, and Massey University (Assoc. Prof. Rebecca Hickson, providing cross-reference to the Dairy Beef Progeny Test).

The Progeny Test will not accept sires from farms under Mycoplasma Bovis control. This includes Infected Properties, properties under Restricted Place Notice, Notice Of Direction and assessment.

We are unable to accept horned bulls due to farm policy.


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