Dairy Beef Progeny Test: call for sire nominations

Friday 25th June 2021

Dairy Beef Progeny Test: call for sire nominations

Invitation to submit bulls for the 2021 mating of the B+LNZ Genetics Dairy Beef Progeny Test.

B+LNZ Genetics and co-funders, LIC, are excited to call for sire nominations for the 2021 mating of the Dairy Beef Progeny Test at Pāmu Wairakei’s Renown farm. Open for nominations from all sires and breeds.

This project aims to improve the quality of dairy beef calves in the industry by identifying and enabling widespread use of superior bulls for dairy beef. Top bulls can be used in AB programmes in the dairy industry and in breeding programmes to generate good bulls for use over dairy cows.

For the first time, entering bulls into the Dairy Beef progeny test gives all breeders a potential path to market through LIC. Any bull can be submitted for entry and dairy farmers and dairy beef finishers will be able to see which bulls perform the best.

The ideal bulls will add value to all stages of the dairy beef market, offering easy calving and short gestation length to the dairy farm, rapid growth for the finisher and superior carcass attributes for the processor. The calves will be recorded at birth, throughout rearing and the carcasses assessed at slaughter, as is the current practice in the existing progeny test.

There are two entry options

1) $1, 250 excluding GST

2) $11,250 excluding GST

How to submit a bull

Nomination forms must be received by Friday 30 July, 2021.

Nomination outcome will be communicated by Friday 13 August and successful nominators provided with a Bull Owners Agreement for signing.

Successful nominators will be given 6 weeks to collect and deliver semen to their preferred Breeding Centre.

Important information:

Bulls must come from herds implementing industry best practice recording programmes and using genetic evaluation/EBVs.

Emphasis will be placed on: Gestation Length, Birth Weight, Calving Ease, 400 Day Weight, 600 Day Weight, Eye Muscle Area and Intramuscular Fat %

Each bull selected will be used across at least 60 dairy cows. Note that in some cases semen might be used across multiple years, to contribute to robust links across years. A minimum of 45 straws will be used in the first year a bull is submitted.

Selection of bulls will be made by a selection panel, comprised of the project leader, Associate Professor Rebecca Hickson (Massey University), a representative from Pāmu Wairakei, B+LNZ Genetics and LIC.

The DBPT will not accept sires from farms under Mycoplasma bovis control. This includes infected properties, properties under restricted place notice, notice of direction and assessment.

B+LNZ Genetics will submit one semen straw from each accepted sire to an IANZ accredited laboratory (of B+LNZ Genetics choosing) where DNA will be extracted and stored long term, once extracted the DNA will be genotyped (by a laboratory of B+LNZ Genetics choosing) using a 100K SNP Chip product. The genotype will be owned and held by B+LNZ Genetics, and can be made available to the sire contributor at their request.

The extracted DNA from each sire can be made available at the request of the sire contributor (and with permission from B+LNZ Genetics), for further DNA testing if required. (e.g. for Parent Verification and Genetic Defect if applicable).


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